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Summit Leather Care

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I know this is a diesel specific forum, but it is the first Jeep forum I stumbled upon and have enjoyed all the tips I have received by going through all the threads.

So just picked a '14 Diesel Summit a couple days ago, after trading in a '11 Laredo Limited X, the leather in the '11 was cracking before we traded. (It was a Hawaiian special, so it was in high temps.) I've been searching and found Zymol for the dash and leatherique for the seats. But anyone have any other suggestions? Don't want to mess up the perforated seats, but need to make this jeep last for a while!:D
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The best thing you can do is protect it from the sun. That means using a windshield sunshade all year (UV harms your interior even in the winter).
Prior to using any chemicals, keep it clean with a wet cloth. If more cleaning is needed use Lexol ph cleaner. You can condition it with any number of products.
You may also consider using 303 Aerospace Protectant on not just your seats but the whole interior. It acts as "spf". It can also be used on rubber seals and plastic lenses.
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