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Jeep bought back my 2014 last month after a year of misery so now I'm adding devices to the 2015 Grand Cherokee.

I have my Escort radar detector hooked to my rearview mirror power (instructional thread provided elsewhere here) through a pin style modular pigtail but looking for an interior power supply sourced to the ignition for the dash cam.

Originally I tried running a wire from the engine compartment to the cabin but I could not feed the wire through the double firewall at the grommets and I don't want to drill. I ended up running the camera wire down the door weatherstrip and hooking the camera power source to the fuel door power wire. I noticed the power running through the head light switch is only six volts so that must just be a reduced voltage for the computer?

Any thoughts on this?

Does the dash panel for the start button pop out? It seems not and I don't want force it.

Thanks in advance.
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