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Hello diesel fanatics, I’m currently in the rebuild process of my 14-Ecodiesel Limited, Bear with me I do not typically post anything.

Does anyone know or have Toque specs for the Ecodiesel head bolts Or degree of torque, even the pattern in which they should be tightened I’m not highly concerned with other torque values but this is something I simply cannot leave “good and tight”. I found a 197 page PDF online that covers some information but has nothing relating to my Engine

Oil cooler gasket that seals to engine block how could I acquire one as no parts company I know of has a listing for it

Water pump gasket without buying 300-750$ Water pump assembly to get the seal.

Mopar has no listing for the particular things I need and does not care assist with finding a assembly manual that would assist with this rebuild.


This all initially started with sky high operating temperatures and could only test out to be a Blow head gasket. Not knowing of all the specific issues this series of engine had I began disassembling a few parts at a Time keeping a close eye for what I could only imagine would be a cracked head and or block, I slowly found that all the cooling passage connection Water pump, steel cooling lines that run below the intake plenum, Connections for the EGR. All the seals were decayed and bleeding coolant further disassembly ensued, leaving me with only the Lower half of the engine to weep over not knowing hide from hair. Dye testing my block heads and pressure testing essentially everything. I found THE EGR WAS THE WHOLE PROBLEM 🥱. Now I’m left buying gaskets one at a time and looking for torque species that essentially do not exist

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