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I have a 2014 GC at 22000 miles and went through all the same problems with the DEF and Catalytic Converter replacement. My engine light came on 2 weeks ago for about a day - then went off - then cam back on - then went off - then on. No other indicators came on.

I took it to the dealer and after 4 days they tell me that there is water damage to the fuel system and they will not fix under warranty - water is an outside influence. During this time the "water in the fuel indicator" never came on nor was it a stored message in the computer. They want $19,000 to fix. Needless to say I am fighting them on this as the system never indicated that water was present. I'm also very concerned even if they fix it - what is my guarantee that the system will sense water in the fuel since it didn't this time.

If I do have to fix it myself or other avenues I'm sure that it will void the warranty!

Has anyone had this happen - any ideas or even thoughts on how to proceed?

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Have you looked at page 60 in the manual? Not sure if the Dealer is aware or this is the issue but here you go.

Draining Fuel/Water Separator Filter
The fuel filter/water separator housing is located on the
left side of the vehicle in front of the fuel tank. The best
access to this water drain valve is from under the vehicle.

Do not drain the fuel/water separator filters when
the engine is running.

Diesel fuel will damage blacktop paving surfaces.
Drain the filters into an appropriate container.
If water is detected in the water separator while the
engine is running, or while the ignition switch is in the
ON position, the “Water In Fuel Indicator Light” will
illuminate and an audible chime will be heard. At this
point you should stop the engine and drain the water
from the filter housing.
1 — Fuel Filter Access
2 — Water in Fuel Drain
Fuel Filter Assembly

If the “Water In Fuel Indicator Light” remains on, DO
NOT START the engine before you drain water from
the fuel filters to avoid engine damage.
If the “Water In Fuel Indicator Light” comes on and a
single chime are heard while you are driving, or with the
ignition in the ON position, there may be a problem with
your water separator wiring or sensor. See your autho-
rized dealer for service.
Upon proper draining of the water from both fuel filters,
the “Water In Fuel Indicator Light” will remain illumi-
nated for approximately 10 seconds. If the water was
drained while the engine was running, the “Water In Fuel
Indicator Light” may remain on for approximately three
Care should be taken in disposing of used fluids
from your vehicle. Used fluids, indiscriminately discarded,
can present a problem to the environment. Contact an
authorized dealer, service station, or government agency
for advice on recycling programs and for where used fluids
and filters can be properly disposed of in your area.
Drain the fuel/water separator filters when the “Water In
Fuel Indicator Light” is ON. Within 10 minutes of vehicle
shutdown, turn the filter drain valve (located on the
bottom of the filter housing) counterclockwise to drain
fuel/water, then turn the ignition switch to the ON
position, and allow any accumulated water to drain.
Leave the drain valve open until all water and contami-
nants have been removed. When clean fuel is visible,
close the drain valve by turning it clockwise, and turn the
ignition switch to OFF.
If more than two ounces or 60 milliliters of fuel have been
drained, follow the directions for “Priming If The Engine
Has Run Out Of Fuel.”
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