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So my wife and I recently purchased a new to us 2014 JGC Ecodiesel with 108k mi. We previously had almost the same car and apparently regretted getting rid of it. This new one is showing a few of the EGR and reprogram recalls still incomplete and I’m not sure if completing them is a good idea or not. It has some work done to it (cold air intake and mild exhaust). I’m currently deployed so I cant speak first hand to its performance but she’s reporting 30 mpg on Texas freeways and normal acceleration and shifting (again she has past experience). Still waiting on a pic from underneath the engine cover but I don’t think it’s been fully deleted since it just passed a Texas inspection from a large dealer.

Complied with: V08
Incomplete: W79, W41, VA7

Is there any way to tell if it has a GDE or similar tune? Which recalls, if any, would you all recommend getting? I’ve read the posts on recall performance issues but those mostly came off V08 right? W79 is safety recall so that one, at least, is still a good idea right? Appreciate any advice I can get.
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