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Hello, my name is Cameron McNabb and I recently purchased a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel and I completely deleted all the emissions components, including dropping and removing the DEF tank. I have also drained and disposed of all the DEF fluid that was in the tank.

My question is what can I do with the DEF tank and is there any after-market thing that I could put in the empty space underneath the Jeep where the DEF tank was? I've head of some people putting an air compressor in that empty space/spot, but I don't think I would use an air compressor that much to justify installing one.
Another thought that came to mind was cleaning out the inside of the DEF tank, installing it back in the Jeep, and filling it up with water or extra diesel fuel and then when I needed to use/extract the water or extra diesel fuel from the DEF tank, I would run a siphon hose down into the DEF tank from the DEF port/cap next to the diesel port/cap.

What are your thoughts/suggestions???
If I listed the DEF tank for sale on Ebay, how much do you think I would get for it?

Thank you, Cameron
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