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Any wisdom regarding a tj with the vm motori 2.8l diesel swap.
Motors from a 05ish jeep liberty

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VM 2.8 turbo diesel frame-up TJ build | Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum

I'm on the tail end of a 3 year scratch build of a 2000 TJ that my students are building at the high school where I teach. We swapped in the engine , tranny and transfer case out of a Jeep Liberty CRD, with a tone of other parts from the Liberty...rear 8.25" corporate axle, instrument cluster, steering column, center stack of the dash, the ABS , the complete wire harness, etc....I've been posting photos and progress as we go...We're three years into the project and I would say it's about 90% complete. Still need to install the drive shafts (both custom made), power steering reservoir, intercooler piping, and a few other odds and ends....can't wait to try it for the first time....there were a few technical challenges that faced....but conquered them all....Let me know what you think.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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